June 25, 2019



When it comes to interest or drives for some one, any of the party can choose to take a move, just that it warrant lot of courage, passion and determination to do that. Questions like was I going to be brave and approach this person?? But while it seems like A or B answer the truth is its HARD for women/ladies to actually approach a group of people, let alone a guy they are interested in talking to.
Lady, Approach that guy.

 This is for a slew of unfortunate reasons; It can be perceived as aggressive, desperate, weird, or even slutty.
A friend of mine says she eyes good-looking guys all the time, yet she immediately stops herself from even thinking about approaching them. She thinks, “What am I going to say?” “Am I going to sound like the lamest person who ever lived?” “Is there something in my teeth?” “Am I a whore now?”
And so she lets the guy who might be a great date—which could turn into an amazing relationship—simply walk away without ever knowing what might’ve happened.
This is sad. It’s like watching the life you
thought you were supposed to have casually drift by without a second glance.

Ladies, if that guy worth you, has all the requirements, attributes, qualities you admire, want or prays for, then don't waste your time, get to know him and every thing that pertains to him, his behavior and character and some other point that will later be discuss here which will boost your confident to approach him.  You’d be amazed by how often attractive guys wonder why they don’t get approached by more women. Obviously, it’s for the reasons above but it also comes back to the belief that a guy doing all the work is just how we do things.

But it doesn’t have to be some aggressive, slutty move to approach that cute guy at the gym, and it shouldn’t be weird to talk to a guy at a bar or a cool place. How else are you going to know if he’s interesting or not?I’m going to show you how to be the most confident woman in the room by making an effortless approach, dazzling him with conversation, and THEN deciding whether or not you want to take the goods home with you, so to speak, but all depends on the guys personality, maturity and reservation.

Couple of months ago, a friend of mine updated a picture on her WhatsApp status with this inscription " Ladies don't be afraid to approach any guy you love. They are all cheap,they will never say no."
I don't have any problem with this, its cool, but her caption on the pics got my attention, she typed a caption which says, "then you will know you are the cheapest"
It was her caption that got me thinking. Our conversation goes thus;

Me; I smile, so, tell me how will she be the cheapest?.
Her response; Is very odd for a lady to approach a guy na. (Winkled)
Me: so that makes her the cheapest right? But its good for a lady to approach a man and not a boy, Get the difference. And remember, been a man is not by age, but by personality, maturity and reservation.
Its by personality, maturity and reservation..
Her response; Hmmmm (signs), relationship tutor, I want more..
Lady, Approach that guy.

There are lot to discuss here, but i will not bore you much with words.;
You know personality and temperament of an individual has to do with how they see people and their feelings and emotions for them, how they handle situation that comes their ways...
A sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic, or choleric being, handle life differently and how they get to take infatuation and feelings, a sanguine can help to broadcast what a lady says But melancholy might not, because the way their personality is been built. Get to know the personality and temperament of the guy you want to approach and give it a thought of what his reaction could be at the end of you spilling out your mind to him.

Maturity; Is such guy a mature being, get to know that too,. It gives room for him to think of what if I'm in this ladies shoe how will I handle what she came to tell me, peradventure I don't feel attached what are the things to do to help out if really we can't get along and won't make her feel bad...
How can I help the situation, I am been loved here, But I can't replicate, or can I cope with her if I should give in?.. Maturity won't look at a lady been cheap or seductive at all...

He will consider feelings and understand what it means to have experience such.. And will try to buy ways to please the girl and not offend her or get her hurt or depressed if he won't even give in... That is maturity, so get to know, is the guy a mature one? With their act and behavior you can denote that and remember its not scale on age.

Reservation is giving in a deep thought about her been purposeful. I mean guys who think before they act or venture into anything, such guys are good potential partner that won't look down on you when you approach them. Also get to know Maybe he's quick enough spilling out and will not even be aware of the emotions you have for them. Such a guy should be someone who Keep things to himself and not broadcasting or spilling verbal diarrhea to gain unworthy ego amidst people or friends, But giving a second thought about possibility that might be attached to it.

Please if you want that guy, then First, you make eyes and smile with whoever catches your fancy. Pay close attention to his response. Is he smiling back? Giving you the eye? Eye flirt a couple of times so that approaching him doesn’t come off as a surprise.
Then, if eye flirting has gone well, it’s time for the approach. Go up to the guy and say, “Hey, I’m Offering.

Now, the reality is, you can say whatever you want when you go up to him. But you don’t have to come up with lot of conversations to keep the guy interested. A woman approaching a guy is uncommon, period. This means you have leverage, and there’s much less pressure on you to prove yourself, and later you can dazzle with lot of conversations to get along.

Be careful,vigilant and watchful @OTR

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