June 27, 2019

Please Help!! I cheated On My Boyfriend With 5 Different Guys And I Want Him Back.

Please Help!! I cheated On My Boyfriend With 5 Different Guys And I Want Him Back.

I like ur relationship write ups
I really hope u can build mine (compliments)
Please help!! I cheated on my boyfriend with 5 guys, I want him back

Let me start this way...
 I truly love my boyfriend, we have been dating now for like 1 and half years...he is everything I could ask God for....I cheated on him with 5 various guys,he caught me, kept quiet,forgave me and let go which no guy would ever do. I mean he got to know 5 different times with 5 different guys, but will call me to order and overlooked it all these 5 different times.

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But the main point for my stupid attitude was because I really wanted to be like others.... (Peer group influence)I was seeing him as just a normal bf when he was seeing me as a future wife...my friend's bf is this and that not knowing my life was different from theirs....now av gone to pray about the relationship and I was told he is the one destined for me but am trying to re write my destiny out of impatience which I would suffer for later in future..

Must read;
Av begged him and he accepted me back BT he said he now has a gf and the love he has for me can not be like the one we started with...I really need you to help me
I don't want to loose him again
Av realized my mistakes and I want to rectify them
Please I really need your help.

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  1. Wow,nice story,i just hope you wont loose your bf.

  2. Well I will advice she takes a break to reflect on her ways and everything so so so well.
    The guy no longer feel the vibe and what she wants to do now is a forced relationship or marriage with dead feelings,(kolewerk).
    I saw a movie this morning titled Acrimony and really I didn't know who to blame but the fact remain that guys are not built to really fight for relationship for so long,once they say they are sorry and they see that the other party is not really ready to hear or keeps repeating the same thing, they back out.
    So dear, I won't really blame you but for now forget about what any pastor or prophet is telling you, focus on your self and believe that whatever will be will surely be. If you are meant to really be together, definitely it will happen anyhow

    June 27, 2019 at 12:49 PM


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