June 19, 2019

Reasons Why Relationship Fails (Know Them Now)

Relationship fails when the virtues/goal that stabilize and keep it are no longer in place anymore. Relationship entails friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, and, of course, love

Love is the glue that keeps a relationship strong and solid. In the same vein beings about intimacy, connection and healthy loving relationship.

Reasons why relationship fails.

Reasons why most relationship fails. 

 Lot of reasons are accustomed to failure in relationship, avoid some of the reasons that are listed below to keep your relationship.

1. KEEPING SECRETS FROM YOUR PARTNER;  This is one of the main reason that brings about failure in relationship, because its something that goes in line with communication. Keeping Secrets weakens the bond in relationship, create gulf, lack of intimacy, connection, because relationship are to be built on a strong bond, honesty, openness and vulnerability.

Not telling every minute details about yourself but you should not intentionally keep something major from them. Since you know it will be a secret then its better not to do it at all. Such secrets will come out eventually, sooner or later when your partner get to know about it, it might toxify your relationship.

In relationship, you should not expect your partner to be perfect, we are human, we all makes mistakes. Don't hold your significant other to some unrealistic high expectation.  Even when they promised heaven and earth, and eventually they fuck up after all they said, be patient enough to realized and acknowledged they are human also vulnerable to make mistakes, accept their flaws and give room for commitment again.

In relationship, don't hold misconceptions about your partner, it can later turn to stigmatization. Don't hold misconception about what you heard about your partner but act base on what you see them doing.

Lot of relationship fails due to this act, be mature enough to ask questions about things you don't know. Get to know your partner well, stop and open your mind to the possibility that you don't truly know who the person is and use opportunity to find out who they are. 
Don't be hyper alert about what you know on the glimpse and surface because its easy to make stereotypical judgement. 

Don't try to cope with your partners behavior and character when you know you can't handle it. You may be able to tolerates your partner behavior, but don't pretend its fantastic when deep inside of you its not pleasing, because it truncate relationship and later get stuck with you. Be politely honest to voice out, being interested in diverse things keeps relationship interesting, but say no to pretence because it fails relationship. 

Don't hold on to the hurt gotten or experienced from your previous relationship, while you are new in a relationship, its not a good idea to dwell or give details about your past relationship, toxic family matters.

It depress relationship growth and heart of your partner. Focus on the positive vibes and new life in your relationship and how to make it a healthy loving one, save your deep dark secret and move on with your new life since you already get a good foundation for yourself. 
These are one of the few reasons why relationship fails amidst partners.

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  1. I agree to all said above. I also want to add this few points.
    1. Some things are better left unsaid. What I mean is if an individual has an ugly past, you can brief your partner about it but not like giving 100% details.
    2. The type of personality your partner posses can also determine what and things you say to them.
    Then finally, I want to emphasis on this *don't pretend to like or love someone character when you honestly can't cope with it* you don't manage someone's character in a relationship. Human find it difficult to change from their bad habits. E.g. you are dating a nagging lady its clear she will frustrate you when you are married. If you are dating a cheating dude be so sure you will have no choice than to share him with several women.
    Put things in order before going to the alter.

  2. So true.. Thanks

  3. More wisdom sir. Thanks a lot for this, it's indeed an eye opener.


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