June 23, 2019

Relationship Advice To Take Note


Relationship advice to take note

If you find your self in a serious relationship or you deem it fit to go into a serious one with your partner, then there are lot of things you need to say good bye to and to cut off, because if you don't do it end up destroying your relationship.

Its a pleasant and lovely thing or a move to find the lucky guy or girl you desire and love, but keeping them is a priority so that you won't later loose them to foxes.
In a relationship you need to be careful and vigilant in the same vein, its expedient your partner to be jealous of some things or your act. There is always this sacrosanct and vital issue that destroy relationship even without your knowledge, because we pay lackadaisical attitude to it.

Relationship is not flexing, there is different between you been single and you be in relationship, if you won't be able to cope with the ups and downs in relationship, then stay single.
When you are single, you have your free license to mingle with anybody whether opposite sex, same sex, old and young,.
But once you volunteer yourself to be in relationship, then take it or Leave it, you must certainly cut off with opposite sex, let it happen drastically or if not, problem and fracas starts from there.

Many might disagree with this, but pay rapt attention only to your partner. Some will explain to their partner, he/she is just a friend bla bla, and that there is nothing attached, that you should stop been jealous. They should stop been jealous and you also want them to agree or accept you flirting with an opposite individual. Let me tell you when you are in a relationship of no jealousy then there is no connection yet.

Listen, no body want to see or heard his/her partner mingling or flirting with opposite party; as a lady you are hanging around with your male friends occasionally and staying long even in their place at night, and you want him to accept that he's just a friend, Hell no!!!
Don't get it twisted here, I'm no saying one should not trust their partners, but don't do things that might nurture doubts and bring in hidden resentment.

Guys are always protective when it comes to this issue because, a lot of them have slept and had sex with female friends just in the name of friends, and here you are telling such a guy that you have a male friends or bestie, lolzzz.
Between male and female there is always an emotional connection, but your rigid stand and definition of your relationship matters to prevent unexpected feelings .

Relationship advice to take note

Ladies and gentle men, you are aware about all I'm talking about, the so call guy/lady you refer to as a friend ended dating you, and you start sleeping together.
Stop fooling yourself expecting anyone will accept he or she is a friend..
The most astonishing aspect of it is that most you called a close friend that you flirt with, if you ask them maybe he/she want to be your lover, ,'let me see if they will deny they won't be glad dating you'.

To avoid losing your partner, try as much cut close opposite sex, no man or woman will be happy seeing the two of you together.
They might not likely complain but at time it hurts and bring about hidden resentments which weaken the bond of relationship, loss of interest, connection and intimacy.

Be vigilant, careful and watchful. @offeringthoughtful relationship.

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