July 10, 2019

Effect of using saliva as lubricant during sex


Saliva is not a lubricant!! Don't use it during sexual intercourse. Hope you understand this and fine a new method to stimulate your partner.

The bacteria in saliva is different from that one in vagina. Saliva contains digestives enzymes that breaks down food, when you introduce these bacteria and enzymes into the vagina, it can upset the vagina microbiome and leave one been susceptible to developing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.
Effect of using saliva as lubricant during sex

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Any Sexual Transmitted Infection in the throat or in the mouth can be transmitted to the genitals through the saliva. If your partner has an active herpes lesion, and using their spit to make things slick could leave you with genital warts/herpes.

This scenario happens more than you can think and its most common way genital herpes is contacted. Even when you see a cold sore on their mouth or around their mouth, the virus can still be transmittable.
Herpes can present with blisters or sore, but it can also present asymptomatically, herpes is not the only sexually transmitted infection you can contact, lot like Gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis, all these can also be transmitted to the genitals through saliva, and most might not present with symptoms.

Using saliva as a lubricant provide a  perfect storm to alter the vagina or anal canal ecosystem enough to trigger one of these infection.
Be careful of the acts you exhibit during foreplay or sexual activity @ OTR
                                Dr. Victor-Bryno Nwala

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