July 16, 2019

Help!! I cheated on my partner by mistake, now I want him back


 A guy break my friend's heart like that and then asking me out again...so my friend pleaded with me to accept and we should be collecting his money and I should break his heart also...so,I accepted
I cheated on my partner by mistake, now I want him back

It was the same friend that advise me to not tell my bf then about the plan coz she knows I always tell him anything I wanna do,she said he won't lemme do it if I tell him so I later concur.
I even went to Lagos to meet the guy but nothing happened between us I swear!! ....so, later I think out of jealous and maybe because the guy shows me more love and was really serious about the relationship with me my friend went behind me and tell my bf that am cheating on him.. gave him every details

Instead of she telling me to stop and let us end the plan ooo...and she knew it was all a game of which she brought the idea o,she knew I don't have any atom of love or feelings for him
So...it caused serious problem then and it really broke my bf heart,he later forgive me and said we should move on and his love never change... that was 2017

But the only thing is that he became more jealous and insecure, like he worried more about me, like questioning me all the time and finding it difficult to believe me....I love him and I don't like his situation, like his heart is not at rest , so I thought if I change to him and stop giving him attention and stop answering his unnecessarily questions that maybe he would calm down and stop all those things not knowing it's gonna push him out.

As at early this year,he still shows love and much interest but I was still doing the same... not until when he told me he's in another relationship and that I forced him to do that which I believe it's true.
Even as at May, he told me he still loves me more than the last time,that he could leave her (new girl)for me and that each time I give him little attention like this, it always affect his relationship with the lady and that the gal knows that he is still in love with me.

But then,I was really hurt inside me that how would he be dating another gal,I couldn't bear it...he told be to give him time to withdraw his attention finally from the gal that he can't just leave her like that since she did nothing wrong..so,he said I should be patient and he do call me but I don't call.
So, last month I couldn't take it again I then called him nd told him I can't be waiting for him to find fault in the girl that what if he didn't find any fault,he begged me that I should please be patient but I said no and that he should never call me again I blocked him on WhatsApp and blocked his contact also😞

 Hmmmm..but inside me,I can't let go I love him...and now missing him self.
So, I talked with his friend on Monday..the guy was so surprised that he didn't know anything about it...he said he always ask about me and his replies were always positive...so l explained everything to him and from the incidence of that 2017
So, he chat with him that day and at the same time chatting with me also
 So, later in the evening I unblocked him and chat with him
One thing is that,he doesn't know how to lie, decieve or sugar coat..he will always tell you the truth
He told me he thought I have gone finally because I told him that even if anything later happened between him and the gal he shouldn't bother coming back to me coz I won't accept him...so he said he thought I had left finally and so he gave the gal much attention now and I made her love her more.

I asked if he still love me, he said yes but not as deep as before.
I asked if he can still leave the gal
He said he wish things should work out well between us again but he's confused I might go again and that he can't just break the gal heart like that coz she's deeply in love with him
 He said things can only work if I can have patient...he said woman will always make mistake that he'd better capitalize on her mistake than just telling her he's not interested again.
We have been talking since then Sha... but I just don't know what to do
His friend told me to fight for my love.

Please I know I was wrong, but please advice me on what to do.

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  1. Aunty love, leave the brother alone, u only learnt a lesson you didn't lose. Which for love and make fool of yourself, why fighting for someone that is running away from you.
    You will see another love biko
    Cry well if na cry u won cry, then move on.

  2. Well, you've learnt your lessons, leave your bf, he already founds new love, wait for someone else who will love you too, your waiting time might only be the consequence of your actions

  3. I'm really happy you've learnt from your mistake which is a good. You told your boyfriend the truth which is a bold step.
    However, things changed and what changed was that "you gave room for your boyfriend to fall in love with another lady" emotions isn't easy to fight especially if it's love. He admits he's in love and the other lady loves him. I will say you please let him go because it seems like you are forcing yourself on him. He can be inlove with both of you yet he loves her more. Use your experience to get focused on your new relationship. If you don't end this now, you both will end up cheating on your future partners with eàch other. Cry if you have to, sob but don't get depressed and think of attempting sucide. Note this sister," he's just your boyfriend not your fiance or husband" you're still getting to know each othet

  4. A good lesson to learn from. Kindly let him go to where his heart belongs to,it is not a do or die affair. What gives you the assurance that if he leaves that lady for you,you will enjoy the relationship? Move on, Develop yourself, engage in something meaningful and as time goes on,you will definitely meet the lucky man.


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