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Everybody's different -- therefore, defining what a good relationship is depends on what qualities a person values, the strength acquired especially if you're looking for someone with long-term relationship potential. There are many desirable characteristics a relationship should have, but ultimately you'll have to decide what strengths you value in a romantic partner. 
Strengths needed for healthy relationship

Strength desired in your partner are a matter of personal choice and can be based off of beliefs and needs. Certain characteristics are universal and can apply to most partner -- and even relationship choices. The traits of a successful partner are most often derived from traits that past relationship have possessed. You seek good traits in later partners, and you avoid those traits that caused problems, and dwell on these strength that can help to stabilize and solidify your relationship. Which are;

Strength Of Faithfulness; It's difficult and the allure of the other can be compelling when it comes to been faithful in relationship, your partner act and behavior sometimes might push you hard to be. He/she might exhibit lackadaisical or non chalant attitudes towards your good gestures, but a rewarding relationship is forged through the strength of fidelity.

Strength Of Steadfastness; Remember, in relationship there will be ups and downs, these are the hurdles that are mandatory one should come across in showing care and love but be firm on your stand. Ships don't sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that gets in them. Don't let happenings in your relationship gets inside of you, truncate you or weigh you down.

Strength of Communication; If there’s miscommunication, you’ll miss the opportunity to build trust and intimacy, and you’ll both feel frustrated within the relationship. For one to have a healthy relationship communication and boundaries are the two major components, which makes partners to feel supported and connected but still feel independent. Communication is an effort to improve yourself and your relationship. Clear communication deals with day to day blind spots. Blind spots in communication are thoughts, words or activities you may or may not be cognizant of as you live day to day, but often times can negatively affect you and your Relationship.

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Strength To Forgive; Your partner will undoubtedly hurt you over the years and say things he/she will regret. Be strong to forgive wrong and be committed again. Don't dwell on hurt, if you do, one will continue to suffer, but learn the lesson from a hurt and you will continue to grow.
Strengths needed for healthy relationship

Strength To Be Ourselves; It can become easy to hold emotions back, portray a false sense if we know who we really are. We can play diverse role in relationship or give acts, but its only in demonstrating the strength of whole hearted commitment to vulnerability that a relationship can thrive.

Strength To Learn; Relationship are lot like playing the lottery, you might have lose repeatedly, but if you never play, you will never win. Each act and attitude in relationship is for us to gain one or two things, each person we encounter and build something with , no matter how long or short, provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

Strength To Value The Need Of Your Partner:
When you are in a healthy and mature relationship you understand that sometimes you must set aside your wants, desires and needs for the other person. This strength helps to reinforce and solidifies relationship.

Strength To Trust; This is one of the vital strength needed in every loving relationship. Earn your partner trust and keep it. In order for your partner to feel like he/she can depend on you, you have to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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Strength To Admit Wrong; Most time partners find this difficult, so that they won't be look down upon, but all partner should exhibit this act. When we are honest we can admit that we often cause hurt and pain to our partner through your words and actions. Only strong spouse is able to admit to been wrong and ask for forgiveness.

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