August 19, 2019



I was caught off guard by yesterday's happening. I never saw it coming. He surprised me totally.
I met him at the orientation Camp here in KD.
And he proposed

I don't believe in love at first sight but something was different about him.

I sat next to him during my registration process on arrival to camp☺ and the journey started there.

We exchanged contacts and maintained a mutual relationship online and offline.

All appeared normal to me until he invited me for lunch yesterday being a free day for me.

I made it to the venue exactly 2pm on dot.

As I walked into K&K eatry, one of the most sophisticated in the neighborhood, my eyes scanned every personalities till I saw a wave from him☺

I went straight to the table and as courtesy demands, he helped me to my seat.
We discussed about recent economic issues and politics.

We also talked about the current challenges of our beloved country and moved on to life in KD.
As we talked further, some of my friends walked in, I was surprised to see them.

"Could it be a coincidence" I thought🤔

We exchanged pleasantries and they sat at the table next to ours!
As I sipped my orange juice, my friend Wilson went down on his knees asking me the least expected question

"Can you be my wife?"

I felt awkward and surprised! I wasn't sure if I knew or expected this beforehand.

Just six weeks of knowing him🤔!

Oh my....
While I was still in this fixed state, my friends were already on with the flashes of camera!

So, all of this was planned!

It wasn't a coincidence after all!
They were not there by chance!
Now, why should I say yes to Wilson?

Our relationship wasn't even an emotional one neither was our friendship termed to be of love.

Why the strange proposal!

I couldn't say Yes or No.

I can't risk being entangled to a man I'm not sure of.

I also don't know much about him aside from the peripherals.
As the presence of friends and onlookers posed a threat to my response, I simply said "I will think about it, please give me time."
Have you ever been in a similar state where you need to make critical decisions and was influenced by friends and onlookers?

Please just take a break and think well.

Don't say Yes when you mean to say No!

Wilson is yet to come, he is in my world of fiction.
Your welfare is important in attaining success!

Don't forget about yourself in your relationship with others.
People come first but you matter most!


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