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You don’t fall in love with someone just by looking at them, you fall in love by looking into them.
In this somewhat superficial world we live in, we often forget to dig deeper into a person. We look at the material things. We look at the physical aspects. But we forget the soul and the heart of that person. Tests of love in an healthy relationship includes;
Test of love in relationship

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1.Test of Peace of mind: The test of love is total peace of mind and heart. In relationship you are, get yourself a peace and joy of convincing assurance deep down in your heart that they are meant for you. The peace that your spirit man can be witness with, that's one of the greatest test of love. If you lack peace and inner joy in your relationship, not joy that is attracted to anything, money or outlook, but natural from inside. Most people, don't wait to check this peace, they run their test on looks, bank account, occupations,positions and some not genuine fact that will blindfold them to see the fact.

2.Test of Time; A vital test of love is time. Your partner should be ready to give you time to reason along, time to adjust, time to blend with you, wait till appropriate time to ask for some things, anything apart from this is something else. Discover alot of people have been victim of hurry love, let's do it now, say yes now, let's have sex e.t.c, just have benefits and grow through time, infatuation diminishes with time.

3.Test of Distance; True love can survive a long distance relationship,  because love is not determined by the physical presence of the other person all the time, it goes beyond touch and visual presence. Why true love can survive long distance is because it knows how to wait, its patient and always hopeful of the future. This kind of love is also characterized by strong trust for each other.
Love knows the importance of distance, infatuation imagines love to be intense closeness all the time. If circumstances require you to be temporarily separated from someone you love, that will teach you a lot about the quality of your relationship.

4.Test of Patience: Love is slow to anger, if you love a person deeply, it's hard to get angry with him/her. If he/she had done a mistake,  it's normal you would feel hurt and disappointed.  However, hate and anger are weaker emotions than your desire to forgive and be reconciled with the person. Its possible to get mad at someone you love, however, compare to less important people in your life, your range is always overcome by Patience.
Frequent anger is not a sign of true love and might just been in the relationship to seek or play and run. Love endures, infatuation may change suddenly and predictably. 
Test of love in relationship

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5.Test of Commitment: True love is a decision,  not only a feeling. If your relationship is only based on attraction and emotions, it would be easy to drift away from it when these foundation fades someday, It's because your reasons of staying with the person are gone. However, if you have decided to commit yourself to a person, no matter what happens , you exert more conscious effort to stay committed even when surrounded with trials and temptations. 
Not everyone succeeds in keeping relationship last, but the decision of commitment makes it harder for you to give up on your love, commitment is needed from both parties, not one sided.

6.Test of  Attraction: Have you ever asked yourself why you love your partner?. If your honest answer is his/her good looking, then probably not true love yet. It could be more infatuation or the pride of being with a head Turner.
A genuine love is not based on physical appearance,  you love a person regardless how he looks like, because it's not about what your eyes sees, it's about what your heart sees. What matters most is how the person means to you, what matter most is the content and not the container. The test of physical attraction is a relatively small part of genuine love, but it's the center focus of infatuation.

7.Sacrificial Test: Sacrificial test is needed in true love, you must really forget yourself. Can you truly focus your mind on the others happiness and their fulfillment? Can you truly deny yourself for them?? Can I make sacrifices of my needs for them?
Human are selfish by nature, we normally look after ourselves first,last and always,  so putting others first is the test of true love.

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In relationship,  be careful, vigilant and conscious. @OTR.

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