September 9, 2019


  Things That Damage Relationship Faster Than Village People.

Relationship future is kind of always questionable. Anything you do or don't do could be the end of it, so therefore if anything is important to you, you work for it. Even if the desirable outcomes are not favorable you still try to give your cent percent.
Despite how difficult things get or how many mistakes you made, just keep working on your relationship.
Lot of relationship failed because most are not ready to work on it, and not because of village people or ancestral power perpetuation.
Things that damage relationship faster than village people

 Relationship and marriage should entails some cogent things and shed light on the following things that damage relationship:

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1. Ignorance: 
We live in an extremely shallow generation in which people just want to have a loving healthy relationship or marriage without knowing anything useful on what relationship truly is or entails, or issues around commitment, loyalty, patience and such virtues are required to last in such relationship and marriage. Therefore if you want a befitting one, be knowledgable about what love entails and how to cope well with your partner.

2. Misinformation; 
Not oriented about information and not knowing the truth is a big deal, believing a lie is a bigger problem. One need to go for the right source of information and build a life based on it. After,listen and read from teacher, mentors and authors whose lifes model the things they talk and teach about. Don't just swallow anything and yield to things that sound good or tends to attend master class by people who have mastered nothing. Be wise.

3. Pride:
 God the creator resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. If you really want a loving lasting relationship, be humble. Pride brings in nothing good, its self engrossed, undermining of others, seeks it's way without recourse to the opinions, feelings or joy of others..
It's so self seeking and bad that it becomes blind to the imperfections of its host. Nobody enjoys being with a proud person, not even their slaves. If pride continues in a being, one day their partner will muster and gain strength, power enough to walk away.

4. Lies: 
Don't be deceived or sway away, you can't lie forever and nothing truthful can be built on a foundation of lies nor can good be sustained on lies. History is replete with examples of lies coming to light after few or many years.
Do not lie to each other, do your best to speak the truth all the time to your partner. If you have to lie to conceal it, don't do it.

5. Desperation: 
Desperation leads to a suspension of your capacity to make valid judgement on some cogent issues. It brings about intoxication of your needs to arrive an end that you shut your eyes to the truth to the point that you cannot see obvious consequences that may harm  or hurt you when you get what you want. It you notice some red flags in relationship, stay off if you can't cope, don't be too desperate to get marry or get engrossed with material things.

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6. Lack of communication: 
At the point you accept a state of no communication, you have killed the relationship and all that is left is it burial. Also, once you choose to be cryptic or declined to learn the communication skills and love language of your partner, you at that point begin to miscommunicate and leave lot of assumptions, misconceptions, interpretations and misunderstandings.
Things that damage relationship faster than village people

7. Inordinate Affection: 
Believe me, you can't have all men or women. Therefore,  learn to control your urge, too many people (ladies et guys) want to both enjoy committed relationship and be at liberty to do anything they want with their emotions.
Commitment and inordinate affection cannot coexist all at once. Before you know it, what is hidden becomes known and things that partners thought they could keep secret are burst in open or suspicion and trust issues begin to creep it. Watch your affection and guard your heart always.

8. Secrets: 
The mere facts that there are secrets means the bond between you and your partner is weak. Relationships are to be built on a strong bond also honesty, openness and vulnerability.  Avoid hidden resentment in your relationship to have a lasting and befitting one.

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Avoiding all this acts begot true lasting love. Love should not be exhausting,it should not have you feeling stressed out, less than and unappreciated.  Love is supposed to be free, natural and almost a complete release of monotony and routine of life.
Real love won't leave you drained, it won't leave you depressed,  lost or distraught.  Real love won't break you, it will build you, and it will bring out the best in you.

In Relationship be Careful, Conscious and Vigilant @OTR

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