February 21, 2020

Great Message For All Singles


Hello Single ladies/guy who are used to doing awwnnn awnnn awwnnn to other people's relationship. Those who enjoyed other peoples relationship thriller videos on snapchat and twitter😂😂.

I just want to tell you to Love yourself darling.
Great message for all Singles

I know you must have heard this countless time but its really a big deal and thing to pay cognisance to if you want to succeed in your relationship and marriage.
Don't go into relationship and marriage just to escape from yourself  or because you're lonely or because you want to complete yourself or because my friends are in relationship.. Hell No

Love yourself and love being you and love being with you😉.  Then you won't just accept anyone who comes your way with stories. If you love yourself, you won't  be in an haste, you'll take your time to choose the best life partner for yourself.

Lot of people who sent DM from their words, they made mistakes in marrying people who turned out not to be a good person and they saw the signs while they were dating.. but you know what??
It's because they thought this person will change, the salient truth is that deep down they didn't love themselves enough to realized that they deserved better.

Your Singleness is a gift because you have the power to choose right. All you get to do, is get the reasonable standards and criteria to look for and sit back and relax..

Sex is not all married people do oo.. there are more and more to marriage. There is lot to know than the sex act, equip yourself to the task ahead so it won't be rush in and rush out thing.

Now you can take the time to do, so its critically important you get it right now. Now that you're single. You got to be properly single (learning lot of things at every spheres) before you can be properly married.

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Don't be swap away by Aso Ebi loading from friends or proposal from that your social media followers.
Your life is different, same with your relationship life.. Say no to comparison. If you do then you're running another man race in which when your real partner is ready self you don help another person waka go..
Watch it, and get some sense..

Don't force any relationship simply because you're tired being single... or friends are getting married. Or love the idea of marriage.  I have lot of ladies, they will visit/ login to ring empire and continually download proposal rings, visit asoebi bella page and be watching videooo..
😂😂sister you will be tempted to give someone who doesn't know your worth a tryy.
Some people go into unknown hands because they are not getting younger, because my younger sister or brother is in relationship or married.

Go into relationship with your eyes wide open knowing fully well that the decision you make about a life partner will affect every other area of your life( good or bad)

Your Singleness is a gift to you.. it's a season of life that is crucial to your destiny. A person readiness to date is largely a matter of maturity and environment.
You're not ready to date until you're fully aware of both the benefits and dangers of dating.
Healthy relationship should always begin at the spiritual and intellectual level.. the level of purpose, motivation, interests, dreams and personality.

If you feel that you need a date in order to be complete or  fulfilled personally.. You're not ready to be in relationship.
Most people enter relationship with some sense of incompleteness or inadequacy..  know your worth, nobody will complete you if you enter that relationship.
You're ready to date when you have first learned how to be single.. so love this phase.
Great message for all Singles

*The time you're most prepared for dating is when you don't need anyone to complete you, fulfill you , or instill  in you a sense of worth or purpose.*
💥Build your relationship with God the father.

💥Do something with your single years_ find your purpose and walk/work in it.

💥Find course to take about marriage/relationship and other things you love.

💥Gain knowledge in the things you love even in the things you don't know how to do(nobody to bother you/ to give you nagging attitudes oo, or say so you can't call me since morning oo😂😂, that will give you an headache, learn courses online ICT, funnel training and advertisement and lot)

💥Build friendship and partnerships., don't just sit down in your room all day, expecting angel to direct partner your way, abi send manner of fine girls from above.. just be social, go on dates , meet new people online and offline, then discern wisely.

💥Do some volunteer services.. whatever you love that will add value to your life darling.

Powerful Article For Singles;Read 
Singleness is a blessing and a perfect opportunity for character development. Learn to become an asset first. True Singleness is a sign of spiritual and emotional maturity. When you can be alone and enjoy it.. You're a self confident and self aware person.

So don't ever become so preoccupied by who you want that you forget to be who you're.
Build your self well in your single days, it will tell in your dating phase.. because the habits and attitudes established during the dating years are generally carry over into marriage..
To wrap it up here..
All I'm saying today is ENJOY YOUR SINGLENESS.  One day you will glad you did.

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