February 11, 2020

What Ladies That Prefer Married Men Should Know.

What Ladies That Prefer Married Men should Know.

What ladies that prefer married men should know

To the Ladies, that prefer married men.

You know exactly HE is married but you keep on Dating him..

You're the reason the Wife can't sleep at night waiting for her husband to come home..

You're the reason her children don't have a proper bond with their father..

You're the reason she cries every night..

You're the reason she ain't getting the Love making she deserves anymore..

You're the reason He is no longer buying some grocery for his family..

Some of you even go as far as visiting his house and having sex on his matrimonial bed..

Now, you wonder why things are not going well on your side? You ain't bewitched and God doesn't hate you.. It's simply because you're already blessing yourself with a married Man.

The same man who vowed In the name of God to love and cherish his Wife in sickness and in health, until death do them apart.

If he can't let go of you, be bold to report to his wife.. Whenever he calls you, exhibit ignominy and fecklessness. Tell him, "you're married.. Go encounter with your wife" Believe me, he will never attempt to flirt with you again!

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Be Conscious about what you do. You belittled yourself when you fall victim of their deceit, because you are pretty aware there's nothing meaningful that can sprout out between you and that same man, he will use you for the little time and leave. And remember him being in your life will decline you of many blessings, your God sent man won't locate you, you might be flexing and waxing in luxury, but it won't last and you may later live to regret it.

Be Vigilant, Conscious and Careful.
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