April 20, 2020

[For Ladies] Vagina Care: How To Care For It And Why You Must Not Neglect It

 Vagina Care: How To Care For It And Why You Must Not Neglect It

The vagina is designed to keep itself clean with natural, healthy vaginal secretions. You can keep your vagina healthy with the same things that keep your whole body healthy with regular hygiene and a good diet.

The effect of lack of vagina care

It is not until you have vaginal infection before your coochie can smell. If you don't bath or properly wash the folds of the labia, covering of the clit, the smegma (an oil substance) which accumulates can get acted upon by bacteria and the stench from it would be severe.

So, there's something we call smegma. It is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the clitoris and the folds labia in women but is also secreted in men (wait for it in our next post).

Ordinarily, smegma helps keeping the clitoris and labia lubricated so that they don't undergo premature desertification and lose their immense influence. Cool stuff right?

But don't get too excited yet. Smegma can become a problem when then it accumulates (forming a white, cheese like deposit under the covering of the clitoris and in between the forms of labia) and gets acted upon by bacteria.

When this happens the resulting stench from the unholy alliance between smegma and bacteria can be quite serious.

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So here is a quick tips for ladies...when you are washing or cleaning up, look out of the folds of labia. Open the folds and clean.
Also you can gently also retract gently retract of the clitoris and wipe off any deposits of smegma that has accumulated.

You can use mildly warm water to wash the VULVA(not the vagina o, vulva and vagina are different please)

The point is you don't have to contract STI or have bacterial vaginosis or any other vaginal infection before your yoni smells awful.

If you allow smegma to build by not bathing or cleaning up regularly, it smell offensive.

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