April 25, 2020

Wrong Criteria For Choosing A Partner; Know Them


 Most reason why most relationship shipwrecked is due to fact that: Either we don't choose right  or we used the wrong criteria to choose.
There are some criterion most of our relationship are built on but are not supposed to:.. in the world today most relationship are built on *physical appearance, social status, intellectual ability and financial ability.

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Wrong criteria for choosing a partner

1. Physical attraction: This goes so far, if couples build their relationship on such  a standard, its detrimental. So tell me what happens when physical beauty begins to fade, gorgeous hair turns grey or alopecia/ loss of hair..

Most guys will tell you, I want a lady with boobs, chaiii, so that I will be caressing it and sucking it.. what will happen when those standing alert boobs turn slipper one..?🀷🏻‍♂

Or I want the athletic abs, what gonna happen when he start having botbellyπŸ˜…. If we want a happy, long term relationship, we should look far more beyond physical appearance/ simply physical attraction

2. Social Status; About social status, majority especially woman want their partner to provide them with everything needed in the society.. so they want to marry into a good family with moneyπŸ˜…πŸ˜…, a well respected family and influential individual...

All these can change often quickly, all it takes is a downturn in economy or a mistake in a poor investment to knock some down the socialladder.
Go with the purpose inclined with yours and not solely because of social status.

3. Intellectual Ability; Some choose because of intellectual ability, educational prowess of an individual.. I must marry a doctor or its nurse I must marry... ghen ghen😌.
What course does he study? Is he a graduate?? Is he an engineer? An oil mogul ??.

All this does not depict them giving you the needed attention or care in that marriage.. look beyond this

4. Financial Ability; The paramount one is the financial ability.. it's more important.  When you base choosing a partner on his or her financial means.. then you are on your own..

Can she support me with her money?.. can he take care of me?.. these are legitimate questions person in need of a lasting relationship ask.. but such individual must be careful they are prepared for the financial realities of married life. Financial means alone is not basis going into relationship or getting married.

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Note; Our primary concern should not be how some look or what he or she does but what kind of person that person is..... appearance are deceiving.πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
All these a things we look for but they temporary, any of them can change in an instant

Individual here are born with talents and gifts but character must be developed and cultivated also nurtured over time.
So it's far more important to get to know that person before getting into a serious relationship .. stay with them long enough and the character will begin to show through. Be alert that outward behaviour is the reflection of his character

Solid character will reflect itself in consistent behaviour, while the poor character will seek to hide behind deceptive words and actions... pay close attention to this

Before you can do this, identify the qualities and character that you will hold as standard without compromise and then evaluate the potential candidate or incoming you meet with those standards of yours.

A woman may be beautiful but have poor character.. A man mayb cute, a business genius, making money all round but lacks common courtesy, sensitivity and compassion...
If we know the qualities and character that we re looking for in a mate, it will be much easier for us to recognize that person whenever he or she comes along.. and that depends the stay.

In relationship be careful, vigilant and conscious @OTR
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