May 30, 2020

How Can I Love My Man?

HOW CAN I LOVE MY MAN? Things to do.

Loving a man is not an easy thing. Whether he's your husband or the boyfriend you're falling for, it's important to know how to make your man feel emotionally and physically satisfied while staying true to yourself at the same time. If you want to truly love a man, then you've got to know how to make him feel loved and appreciated while also respecting his independence and also your own. 
How can I love my man

These are the recipes on how to love your man. Let us start with this..

As a lady, make efforts for your man too, go miles for him, in as much he does for you too. Ask him how his day went, don't just wait until he talks. Saying since you don't talk I'm not asking any fucking questions. Stop those childs play, ask him what went wrong during the day.

Love him hard as well, unless you're with that guy for sare wagba, or due to some things maybe unknown to me, love him as jesus loves the church, and spice it up erotically😁.

And to add to this, be patient with him, men are human and equally emotional. Be patient and also be reasonable, not everytime drama with fast and furious voice. Do and calm down lady, learn to exercise this, if you really want to love that guy.. Reciprocate all these.

Give him this freedom to do the things that he likes. Don't box him or chock him to the neck. If he's acting in a way you don't like, call him to order and talk about it, not just talk to him in a nagging way, it won't change anything, and he will definitely go ahead doing those things you still don't like. But remember, if he truly loves you, he won't do things that will hurt you.  

He has a life to live sweetheart, so don't choke him and don't take that away from him. You're not his own world, he's a separate entity, but you're part of his world. So give room for that partnership to flow without rancor.

Remember he will never be perfect, because he's not a perfect being. So don't expect perfection from him.
So, at some point he will be inconsistent, and sometimes impatient, just chill for one corner, just smile and keep mute, sip your drinks.

You will agree with me, that sometimes it will hard for him to handle your moodswing, he's likely to get angry at you sometimes, and his mood too can change as well. Reason is that, he's not also perfect,  so have this at the back of your mind and prepare yourself to understand him.
How can I love my man

You have to respect him, does not matter the age difference, level or rank you are. Respect is reciprocal, and it should also be mutual.
So respect his choices and decisions. When you're not please with any of his decisions, have a place of togetherness, and have a good approach to handle and sort things out amicably.

At times, your man might go on, to do those things at your back, but when it backfires, next time he tends to respect your take too. Give him the respect that he deserves, even when you dim fit why should I.

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Like you, he needs your attention too, same way you think you deserve them. Don't get too busy for your man, or don't give those I want to make my self unavailable, putting on moody attitudes and I won't pick up his calls saga so he can miss me and know my worth. Mummy wa, ko necessetry now.

He just need your reassurance as well the's the only one for you. Let this be a daily thing, because men most time keep to themselves and lot flows through their minds, when he talks and when he doesn't,  reassure.

This will negate him having a feeling of doubt towards you, because the attention and care is embedded here. And babe, don't give him reasons to doubt you. Don't act like me too have gotten guys chasing me up, talking romantically with them on or off their presence, let me do my thing in my own way thing... But o wrong now, you don't need it. 

There will never be a perfect man same applicable to woman. At some point, you will get disappointed and upset because he didn't behave or become that man you expect him to be.
Lolz😁😁, this do cause lot of kasala, but sister,  calm down and handle this with care.
Just because you love him you should accept every bits of him, not the bad and toxic behaviour though. But if you think that man worth the risk, keep him, no perfect individual out there.

Sometimes,  we want to be understand so much , that we forget to understand men as well. Take your time to know the man you're in love with.
If you're a lover of the bible/Quran, study and meditate on him, same way you do to those scriptures. And if you're the jayejaye lady, all those strength you put on your paparazzi, channel it on him to know him more too.

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As a lady, try to learn about some secret obsession every man has inside of him. Learn more about this and start creating strong and long lasting relationships with your man.

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