December 1, 2020

FLIRTING. A Need In Every Marriage Relationship.


Flirting is a vulnerable expression that you should do always because it shows that you do not only love your spouse, but you like them.

When you don't make flirting a part of your relationship, it become bored. Don't get too familiar with your spouse that you forget to spice things up a bit. 

Flirting is fun and nothing to be ashamed of. Consider flirting as something you say or do that makes your spouse smile in a way that makes you smile back.

Flirting a topmost need for every relationship

This will generally improve your marriage relationship and grow a stronger bond with your partner. It helps you laugh and connect with your spouse in a unique way. But remember, don't flirt with others and ignore your partner's emotions, it's a bad thing. Flirt with your spouse today.

To flirt is defined as to behave in a way to be romantically appealing to someone or to dabble with an idea or with participating in something, but not commit. But if your married, be free to commit please. 

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Flirting is all about giving a deep interest in someone and you continually let them see the need for it. Not all about sex and sexual advances. And flirting with your spouse doesn't mean you want sex but it strengthens the commitment and bond.

Quite often, in couples I work with, the issue is not that partners don't know how to flirt, they forget to make a habit of it, and they become rusty.

Are you still flirting with your spouse? Abi its inshaalla? And I'm not taking about the kind that happens only on Valentine's Day or your anniversary its something that should be culture in your marriage relationship. 

This only if cultivated can bring about connection and intimacy in a unique way. 

Reason you need flirting in your marriage relationship.

✨It shows your spouse that you still like them, just like when you first met or when you were dating.

✨It shows your spouse that you want them.

✨It boost your spouse's self esteem. I think everyone wants this.

✨It puts you in a good mood for some hot, steaming, all night kind of sex. And every marriage needs this kind of sex sometimes.

✨It helps you to build a bond of friendship. Like I just be free and have fun with each other.

 Simple ways to flirt with your spouse.

🌺Pay him or her an unexpected compliments. 

🌺Spend a little extra time kissing him or her goodbye before they leave for work. Or let them see the need to persistently need you, forget nagging. 

🌺Dig out an attractive nightie that you haven't worn in a while and wear it to bed tonight 

🌺Next time he or she enters the room, undress them with your eyes. You know now😃, look slowly look up and down their body. Smile at him or her when they notice what you're doing.

🌺send him or her flirty text messages all day long. 

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Messages like;

  • I can't wait to come home to you, my pants are on fire just thinking of you.
  • I desire your touch, your kisses, and your hands running up and down my body.
  • Where are you, baby? My heart is longing for you, right here, right now. (Send this along with a picture.) You won't die😫

Also when you receive such message from your spouse, do well to reply with something just as sweet and alluring, especially immediately.

The feeling should be mutual and passed both ways. Don't allow Lagos traffic serve as stressor that will stop the organic flow, or busy schedule at work... Please run to the one side and reply, excuse your self. If you will enter toilet please do.

💋Tell your spouse what your find attractive about him, why you love him, that you miss him. Etc

💋Stroke his or her thigh under under the dinner table or while taking a walk.

💋Go to movie and sit at the back row, I mean the back the back where you can cuddle.😌

💋Slide into the shower with him or her when they are not looking.  This was my usual act in the 90's. I love it believe me.

🔥Write, I love you or compliment him or her on their wall and tag them. 

🔥If you're good in writing. Write some poem or poet. share classic love poem or song with your spouse. 

🔥Next time you're alone together at home, show some skin. Wear a short skirt or don't button your shirt up all the way. 

Flirting a topmost for every relationship

Let us see the cleavage now, don't wear j
alamiaaa, and adieu papa at home clothes. Guys wear tight brief, that will showcase the package, ladies go on lingerie now, even if you don't have ass and boobs we don't mind. Doesn't matter. Don't  tie rapper like widow.

🔥Give him or her kiss and smooching in the car spotlight.

🔥Guys/ladies grab some flesh. When he or she is walking by you, smack the butt. The size does not matter, if your husband has bigger butt than you, don't be jealous, smack it every time. Bite those hard nipples of his.😫😫

🔥This is important, ask your partner to choose your panties or boxers for the day. They will be picturing you in nothing but those panties all day, I assure you.

🔥Stick a notes on his lunch pack or clothes

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❤️I must add that flirting with your spouse is telling him or her you are ready for something hot, please do not leave them halfway.😫😫

❤️Send him or her a flirty SMS or voice and add, I can't wait for you to get home tonight. 

Then get ready for him or her in a special way.

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🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ If you're both in different locations. Just flirt with your spouse and be creative about it. Make your spouse yearn for the time you'll both be together again. Be romantic on calls, do fun video calls and all that.

N.B: Most partner really want to do this all, but nagging, unhealthy attitudes, dramas and fights impede them. Pls let us cultivate the habit to always give room for love even during trivial period or during little fracas. 

Because you will be like my boyfriend don't do this, check your act and behaviour. And you too do unto him what you want him to do in a loving way.

In relationship be careful, vigilant and conscious @OTR 

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Compiled by Emem OHIMAI from The Route to love.

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